Are Citi Bike Docking Stations Causing Serious Injuries?

Since 2013, New Yorkers and tourists alike have been able to traverse the city using the Citi Bike bicycle-sharing program. While this program has been wildly popular among cyclists, it has also had its fair share of problems and complaints, particularly when it comes to the bikes' docking stations and protected lanes.

In fact, many cyclists have suffered serious biking accidents due to the design and installation of these docking stations and lanes — sometimes resulting in significant, long-term injuries.

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Possible Safety Issues With Citi Bike Docking Stations

While one would think safety would be a top priority when implementing a bike-sharing program in one of the busiest cities in the world, there are several safety-related issues with the Citi Bike program, including:

  • Design guidelines for the Citi Bike docking stations were implemented even though no traffic studies were completed to evaluate the impact these docking stations would have on the flow of traffic or cyclist safety when placed in parking lanes.
  • Despite the fact that wheel stops are typically not used in pedestrian pathways, they are used in docking station areas — a move that has resulted in numerous pedestrian and cyclist injuries as these barriers often act as an unexpected speed bump.
  • The concrete wheel stops used in these docking station areas are sometimes unpainted, making them even harder to see for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The problems mentioned above are merely amplified by the fact that many cyclists use the protected docking station areas/lanes as a refuge from heavy traffic, which can result in tragedy if they do not see the unpainted concrete wheel stops.

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