New York Child Victims Act

A New Opportunity For Victims To Obtain Justice

For many years, the victims of child sexual abuse have suffered in silence, especially when victims grow older and try to bring claims as adults. Historically, New York law has prohibited child sex abuse allegations from victims who were 23 years or older. This statute of limitations has been particularly tragic, since most victims are not strong enough to come forward with abuse allegations, and often they don't fully understand what happened until they are much older.

With the passing of the New York Child Victims Act, however, allows victims to bring criminal charges up to age 28, and victims can bring civil claims up to age 55. Further, the law opens a one-year window that allows victims of any age to bring claims.

To bring a claim at any age, there is only a one-year window, so it is crucial to contact a lawyer immediately to get your claim filed before the deadline.

We have added a page to our site so you can read the full text of the Child Victims Act.  If you have any questions about the act, please call us at 212-235-1197.

Experience And Compassion

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we have experience representing clients who have suffered the devastating effects of child sexual abuse. Our law firm has been serving New York clients for 40 years, and our attorneys know how to protect your rights and help you obtain justice.

We have experience successfully representing clients abused by all types of perpetrators, including those with unique institutional authority like clergy, coaches, teachers and counselors.

Justice And Compensation

Every victim knows that there is much more involved than physical injuries. With sexual abuse cases, the emotional and psychological trauma can go very deep and last a lifetime. Our lawyers understand this, and we know how to explain this to judges and juries to get you the full compensation for the injustices you have endured.

A successful claim can bring sex abuse sufferers a measure of justice for what they were made to suffer. Bringing the guilty party to justice can provide a degree of closure and healing. Further, the compensation obtained in a successful claim can be a great help to victims.

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