Protecting The Rights Of Injured Construction Workers In Failure To Provide Vertical Passage Cases

General contractors have a legal duty to provide a safe means of passage such as ladders, stairways and elevators between levels of a construction site. Temporary ramps built with spare beams or planks and other stopgap measures do not provide the reliability or safety required under the law.

Workers who are injured because of a general contractor’s failure to provide vertical passage have the right to receive fair compensation. These cases are very fact-specific, and the assistance of a reliable construction accident lawyer can help to ensure that the construction worker’s rights are protected.

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At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we have decades of experience representing construction workers in complex job site injury claims. We have an in-depth knowledge of the New York Labor Law and OSHA violations, and we know how to manage vertical passage cases to a favorable outcome. If you have suffered a serious injury while working on a construction site, you can rely on us for skillful, strategic representation.

We are prepared to represent you in any type of claim involving the failure to provide vertical passage. We have seen cases where the ladders being used on the construction site were not tall enough to provide safe movement between levels and makeshift structures that clearly fell short of the constraints of the law.

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Most jurors are not doctors, and most have likely never suffered an injury like yours. As such, they cannot appreciate the impact your injuries will have on your ability to work and live a normal life. Nor do they understand the suffering you have endured or the care and compensation you will need to recover. We present complex information about your injuries in easily understandable language and use state-of-the-art visuals so jurors have a clear understanding of your injuries and needs for recovery.

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