Obtaining Fair Compensation For Workers Injured In Ladder And Scaffolding Accidents

Ladders and scaffolding are essential components of nearly every construction project in New York City. Properly maintained and operating equipment is necessary not only for getting the job done, but also to ensure the safety of the workers who use it. When insufficient or malfunctioning ladders and scaffolding result in serious injuries, general contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers and others can and should be held accountable.

If you have been seriously injured in any type of ladder or scaffolding accident, it is important that you have a qualified attorney representing you from the outset. At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we have been representing injured New York City construction workers for nearly 60 years. Our attorneys handle injuries involving scaffolding falls and ladder falls, including those arising from faulty equipment and the failure to provide sufficient protective gear.

Ladder Fall Injury Claims

Ladder falls can arise due to a number of different issues. In some instances, the ladder may malfunction and collapse unexpectedly. In others, it is possible for the ladder to fall because it was not set up properly. We take the time to accurately identify the cause of the accident so that we can present the strongest possible argument on your behalf.

We represented a victim in a scaffolding fall case involving a general contractor’s failure to provide sufficient scaffolding and safety harnesses. Our client fell 40 feet and suffered multiple severe injuries. We recovered $1.85 million on his behalf.

Scaffolding Accident Claims

Scaffolding falls can occur in situations where the scaffolding has been assembled improperly or with mismatched or worn-out parts. There have also been a number of cases where the scaffolding was not properly secured or simply was not sufficient to hold the weight of the equipment and personnel necessary to get the job done.

We Put Ourselves On The Line For You

We have a well-earned reputation for the lengths we will go to in our preparation of a case. We use state-of-the-art illustrations to clearly communicate your injuries to a jury so the members have a complete understanding of your suffering and the recovery process you are facing. We are not in the business of short-changing our clients, and we are not in the business of quitting. Once we take on your case, you can count on us to put all of the resources at our disposal behind winning your case.

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