Helping New York Construction Workers Who Have Suffered Power Tool And Electrical Injuries

Despite the legally required safety precautions governing power tools and electricity on a construction site, workers continue to suffer serious injuries at an alarming rate. Whether due to an equipment malfunction or negligence on the part of the general contractor or a subcontractor, construction workers who are injured on the job have the right to seek full and fair compensation for their medical care, rehabilitation and loss of income.

The injuries that occur in these cases can be life-changing and may impact the victim’s ability to ever work again. If you are suffering because of injuries sustained in an electrical or power tool accident, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified New York City lawyer who knows the law and has the ability to protect your future.

Our attorneys obtained $2.25 million for an electrician who suffered such a severe electrical shock that he was thrown from his ladder. The fall resulted in two dislocated shoulders as well as injuries to his right knee, neck and back — all of which required multiple surgeries.

Strong Advocates For Injured Construction Workers

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we have extensive experience representing workers in cases involving all types of electrical and power tool injuries. Our attorneys have handled claims against general contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and others who have contributed to the accidents that cause injuries to construction workers.

We are prepared to represent you in any type of claim, including:

  • Power tool injuries, including nail guns, jackhammers, electric saws or drills
  • Defective power tools
  • Power tools that have been modified to bypass safety features
  • Electrical injuries due to a failure to cut power to a designated area of the site
  • Electrocutions resulting in the death of a worker

We Will Be There With You From Start To Finish

We understand how difficult it can be for you to obtain the medical care and financial support you need following a job site injury. This can be especially true when you don’t understand your rights. General contractors and their insurance companies are only concerned with protecting their own interests in these matters. We will be there with you at every step of the process, and we will do whatever is necessary to obtain maximum compensation for you.

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3 Reasons To Hire Us


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