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Protecting You When Insurance Claims Are Denied In Bad Faith

The denial of an insurance claim can be devastating. People who file claims are often counting on that money to make themselves whole after an injury, property damage or any other situation that has caused a loss. If you believe an insurance company has denied your claim without basis for the denial, it may be possible to file a lawsuit.

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., our NYC bad faith insurance lawyers understand the frustration our clients feel when insurance claims are denied. Whether it is after a car accident, damage to a home resulting from a natural disaster or any other situation that prompted you to file a claim, we are here to help. Based in New York City, our lawyers and staff are committed to assisting clients in every stage of handling their denied insurance claim case.

What Constitutes A Denial In Bad Faith?

When there is a bad faith denial of an insurance claim, one of two situations typically occurs:

  1. The monetary compensation that is payable under the policy benefits is withheld. This means that the claim was well-founded according to the stipulated specifics of the insurance policy, but for some reason, the insurer is keeping the funds and not paying out on the claim. We believe this is an intolerable situation and work tirelessly to see that you get the money you are owed according to your insurance policy.
  2. The reasons the insurance company is withholding the money are baseless. This situation occurs when an insurance company decides to offer a brief, flippant or even completely senseless reason for the nonpayment of the claim. The insurer may assert that the claim was not filed following the proper procedures or within a certain time frame, or other reasons that call into question the minutia of the filing of the claim and the details of the loss for which the claim is being filed.

Why Choose Us

Having handled numerous cases involving injuries and property damage since our firm’s inception in 1978, we pride ourselves on the depths of our resources and the extent of our attorneys’ experience when taking on insurance companies. We do not back down from even the largest insurer.

Our NYC attorneys take the time to scrutinize your insurance policy, gaining a full understanding of the benefits to which you are entitled and how claims must be filed. We then review your filing of the claim and the basis for the insurance company to have denied the claim. Once we ascertain their position, we strategize and find an innovative solution, which often leads to us filing a lawsuit on your behalf to obtain the proper claim payment.

Talk To Us About Your Your Denied Claim

We offer a free consultation so you can discuss all of your questions and concerns with a knowledgeable NYC bad faith insurance lawyer at our firm. Call us today at 212-235-1197 or contact us via email and schedule your consult.

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We Go All In:With every case we accept, we put all of the firm’s resources behind our pursuit of a positive outcome. We are not afraid to spend whatever amount is necessary to present a winning case on your behalf.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


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3 Reasons To Hire Us


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