Does New York law protect undocumented construction workers?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2017 | Construction Accidents |

When undocumented construction workers are injured on-the-job, many are afraid to seek compensation for their injuries. Some fear possible deportation, while others may think they simply do not have any legal rights because of their immigration status.

Well, the truth is that all injured construction workers in New York have rights, regardless of their citizenship. In fact, citizens and noncitizens alike may be able to obtain compensation for work-related injuries. Simply put, the law protects everyone, including undocumented workers.

What if my boss says I can’t seek compensation?

Unfortunately, some employers and supervisors choose to lie to undocumented workers about their rights and tell them not to report their injuries – knowing that the workers may be too afraid to do anything about it. However, you should not listen to anyone who says you have no rights because of your immigration status, especially since they may be lying or simply don’t know the law.

Instead of listening to your boss, you should always consult with an experienced construction accident attorney. After all, your employer may only be concerned with his or her bottom line and not your well-being. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can review the circumstances of your injury and explain what legal options may be available to get you the compensation and medical care you need.

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we can help, regardless of where you are from. Over the years, our attorneys have obtained favorable results for workers from several countries, including Mexico, Poland and Venezuela, just to name a few. Don’t let your immigration status stop you from getting the justice you deserve. Contact us today.