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OSHA's top construction company fines include New York firm

No place in America has more construction going on than we do in New York City. In fact, the ongoing heavy activity in the industry is cited by experts as one of the main reasons for the surge in recent years in construction accidents.

As one of the government agencies tasked with monitoring work-site safety, OSHA issues fines to construction companies and others that violate safety regulations and law. A recent report on OSHA's fines issued in the second quarter of this year showed that when large penalties are assessed, even larger safety issues are present.

Are Bicyclists Safe On NYC Streets?

Commuting in NYC is a headache for most. But, for cyclists, it is more than just an inconvenience. While biking can be eco-friendly and time-saving, it does not come without its risks. Every year, bicyclists are subjected to the city's treacherous and arguably far from bike-friendly streets. Since January 2019, 15 bicyclists have been killed in NYC crashes, double the death toll seen in 2018.

Preventing Sexual Abuse

It is always an important victory when sex abuse victims bring successful civil claims or criminal charges against their perpetrators. Sex abusers should be punished and kept from hurting others, and victims deserve justice and compensation.

But even with such important victories, it is always better if abuse could have been prevented or avoided. Is there anything we can do to spot dangerous situations and potential abusers before abuse occurs?

Why Is Sexual Abuse So Frequently Not Reported?

When a sex abuse victim comes forward years after the initial abuse incident to bring a claim, there are always skeptics who vocally doubt the veracity of the claim. "Why would you wait so long?" They'll ask, "And, after all these years, does it still matter?"

Sex abuse victims: Do not let these skeptics dissuade you from bringing a claim, and do not let them weaken your resolve. Once you realize that speaking up against the abuser is the right thing to do, stay the course. There are many reasons why sex abuse is not reported immediately by victims.

Can You Report Sexual Abuse That Happened Years Ago?

One of the biggest challenges for sex abuse victims is coming forward and reporting the abuse. There are many reasons why people keep silent about sexual abuse they have experienced.

When people wait, it often gets only more difficult with the passage of time. It can be more difficult to make an accusation years after the crime. Memories get fuzzy, victims can even start to wonder whether there really was a crime committed, and most people don't know the statutes of limitations. How long after a crime is committed can you still bring a claim? Is it too late?

Sexual Abuse Is Still Far Too Common: Important Statistics

Without considering the actual facts and statistics, many people might assume that sexual abuse is not too widespread of a problem. Sure, people might think, there are a few highly publicized cases every year, but is it really that common of a problem?

There are marked improvements in this regard over the past couple decades, but sexual abuse is still a major problem. And truly, if the problem was reduced to only one instance of sexual abuse every year, it would be one too many. But it is important to understand the scope and depth of the problem of sexual abuse in New York and throughout the country.

What Constitutes Sexual Abuse?

For many people who have suffered any form of unwanted sexual activity, and often for their family members, the first question is: What is sexual abuse? Did this action count as sexual abuse?

For anyone who has been victimized in any way sexually, it is important to understand what constitutes sexual abuse. This concept needs to be understood before you can really determine what you can do to respond.

Edelman & Edelman Attorney Attends Premiere Of Netflix Miniseries: When They See Us

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - With the new Netflix Miniseries, When They See Us, beginning it's run, one of our own exceptional attorneys - Paul Callan - is scheduled to attend the premiere at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Ava DuVernay's Netflix mini-miniseries centers on the story of "The Central Park Five," also chronicled in the Ken Burns 2012 PBS Documentary of the same title, about the racially-charged wrongful conviction and imprisonment of the five young men originally charged with the brutal beating and rape of Trish Meli, the so-called "Central Park Jogger," on the night of April 19, 1989.

Why is preeclampsia so dangerous?

When you became pregnant, you probably had an expectation that you would experience a lot of health changes. However, sometimes pregnancy can be physical overwhelming and cause complications.

One of the most common complications is preeclampsia, which affects at least five to eight percent of pregnancies. It typically begins after week 20 and can be especially dangerous for pregnant women and babies if left untreated.

New York joins OSHA lawsuit over annual electronic reporting

A recent requirement rollback has six states, including New York, suing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for what they see as a senseless rule change. The lawsuit centers around a 2016 rule, which required businesses with 250 or more employees to electronically submit annual reports on all employee injuries and illnesses.

OSHA recently chose to eliminate that requirement due to concern over potential public disclosure of workers’ sensitive information. Employers still must complete the forms and make them available to OSHA inspectors, as this was the rule prior to 2016.

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