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Our Medical Advantage

The Edelman & Edelman Medical Advantage

There are two essential components to winning a personal injury case. The first is establishing liability on the part of the negligent parties. The second is proving the full extent of the victim’s injuries. Insurance companies aggressively fight on both aspects in an effort to limit their exposure to a large settlement. Once liability has been established, however, the larger concern becomes obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries.

In too many cases, lawyers will pursue compensation for a given type of injury without consideration for the symptoms the victim is experiencing. For example, if a client has an ankle injury that continues to worsen over time, most lawyers will order an X-ray and proceed on the assumption that it is a sprain if there is no evidence to the contrary. If the victim has suffered an injury that an X-ray can’t see but will result in lifelong complications if it is left untreated, however, how do you find out what is actually going on?

These are the types of questions you want your attorney to be asking. However, not all attorneys have the experience or knowledge to know what questions to ask.

The Firm You Want Handling Your Injury Claim

At the New York City law firm of Edelman & Edelman, P.C., we obtain superior results for injury victims. Our founding attorney, Martin Edelman, has been an astute learner of medicine since he began practicing law nearly 40 years ago. His natural curiosity about why people suffer different symptoms to seemingly similar injuries has resulted in substantial awards and settlements in cases where other lawyers would have accepted a fraction of the amount.

This is what sets us apart. We do not accept the doctor’s initial diagnosis when we feel that there is more going on with the victim’s injuries. We find the experts who are doing the cutting-edge work related to your injuries and using the most recent technology to identify the precise type of injury you have suffered and the treatment you will require to make a complete recovery.

We take special cases that require special representation, and we deliver special results. You can rely on us to do everything in our power to obtain maximum recovery on your behalf. We invest the time, money and resources necessary to win your case. You can rely on us to do everything in our power to obtain maximum recovery on your behalf.

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Make The Right Choice For You And Your Family

We invite you to contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We will answer all your questions and explain how we plan to win your case. You can reach us by phone at 212-235-1197 or contact us via email to arrange an appointment.

Celebrating Over65Years Of Service

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Go All In:With every case we accept, we put all of the firm’s resources behind our pursuit of a positive outcome. We are not afraid to spend whatever amount is necessary to present a winning case on your behalf.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Hire The Best Experts:We do our homework and find the experts who are doing the most cutting-edge research on your type of injury. We regularly work with medical experts, scientists, people from academia and others.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Know Our Opposition: In our nearly 65 years in business, we have seen all the tactics opposing attorneys uses. We use proven strategies to match them and act swiftly to overcome any attempt to limit your compensation.

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