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Verdicts & Settlements

Special Attorneys, Handling Special Cases And Obtaining Special Results

Edelman & Edelman, P.C., obtains outstanding results in cases where other lawyers have insisted there was no claim. Our NYC law firm has recovered over $600,000,000 for our clients. We invite you to watch a video to hear the story of some of our clients and to view some of our verdicts and settlements case results below.

Watch the video below to learn more about how our team helps our clients to build strong cases.

Accident Verdicts & Injury Settlements

$19.686 Million Settlement for a construction site worker in his 30’s, who suffered fatal burns.  Our client was fatally burned on 80% of his body, when an arc flash occurred during replacement of electric cables.  The lawsuit alleged that the defendants’ failure constituted a violation of the law. The settlement was reached in Kings County, NY.

$35 Million settlement for a 27-year-old construction worker injured by falling concrete: Our client was hit by a large piece of concrete that flew through a gap in the netting that was supposed to contain it within the controlled access zone. He suffered severe brain and spinal cord injuries that left him partially paralyzed and in constant pain. We recovered $35 Million in damages.

$22.5 Million verdict for a polio victim: Our client contracted polio while changing his daughter’s diapers. His daughter was vaccinated with a drug made using a live polio virus. After 30 years of fighting, we won a $22.5 Million verdict against Pfizer.

$9.650 Million settlement in a wrongful imprisonment claim: We represented Jonathan Fleming in his civil proceeding against New York City and the State of New York after he spent 24 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. It was discovered that the prosecution buried two pieces of evidence that would have exonerated Mr. Fleming in order to secure the conviction. We secured combined settlement of $9.65 Million for Mr. Fleming.

$6.275 Million in a multicar rear-end accident claim: We represented a 36-year-old medical professional in an extremely complex case involving a multicar accident in which our client suffered severe injuries while riding as a passenger in an ambulance. We obtained the “black box” from the defendant’s vehicle in order to prove negligence and obtained $6.275 Million in damages.

$5.8 Million in a construction accident case: We represented a 49-year-old construction worker who was injured when a moving gantry crane weighing approximately 10,000 lbs. rolled over his foot on the roof of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. In addition to his severe foot and ankle injuries, the victim suffered injuries to his knee, cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder and elbow.

$5.7 Million verdict for a 31-year-old steamfitter injured on the job: Our client was injured when a clevis hanger came loose and the pipe he was holding struck him in the head, resulting in a thoracic spine fracture. He required multiple surgeries and, though his pain was largely relieved, he was not able to return to his previous job. We won a $5.7 Million in damages.

$5 Million in a work-related roof fall case: We represented a 42-year-old construction worker who fell 15 feet off a roof onto the concrete below. He suffered severe brain injuries as well as numerous broken bones and other injuries. He required numerous surgeries and substantial long-term care after the accident. We recovered $5 Million in damages.

$5 Million in a job accident: We represented the family of a union bridge painter who fell to his death while working on a job site where he was not provided with sufficient safety equipment. The victim fell through a rusted Q-deck panel when he was forced to begin work before the double lanyard fall protection system was in place.

$3.35 Million in a construction site roof fall claim: Our client was working at the University of Westchester replacing the roof on one of the buildings. The work surface was very slick after it had rained, and he was not provided with proper safety equipment. He slipped off the roof, and the resulting fall resulted in a broken leg, pelvis and elbow. The damage to his leg required that he have a metal bar put into his thigh, and he spent a month in a wheelchair. We obtained $3.35 Million in damages.

$3.3 Million in a pedestrian accident claim: We represented a client who was hit by an oil tanker truck on New Year’s Eve. He hit his head on a curb, suffering severe head and brain injuries and was in a coma for three months. We obtained $3.3 Million in damages.

$3.025 Million for an infant injured in a skylight collapse: We represented a child who was injured by a skylight that fell from the ceiling where she was playing in her neighbor’s backyard. She suffered debilitating head and brain injuries that will likely require a lifetime of care. We recovered $3.025 Million in damages.

$2.8 Million for an injured elevator repair worker: We represented a client who suffered severe elbow injuries when the elevator pit ladder disconnected from the pit wall, forcing him to support all his weight with one hand. Our client required three surgeries and never completely recovered from his injuries. We recovered $2.8 Million in damages.

$2.1 Million in a pedestrian accident claim: We represented a 47-year-old client who was struck by a negligent driver while she was out on a training run. She suffered severe injuries to her knee, hip and lower back, and required four surgeries in the process of her recovery. We obtained $2.1 Million in damages.

$2.1 Million in a ladder fall claim: We represented a 60-year-old construction worker who fell from a bent ladder that was not sufficient for the requirements of his job. He fell from the ladder and suffered severe injuries to his lumbar spine and right knee. He required multiple surgeries and a spinal fusion. We obtained $2.1 Million in damages.

$2.088 Million dollars in a pothole injury claim against the City of New York: Our client was exiting a New York City bus and suffered severe injuries when she stepped into a pothole. We proved that the City had prior knowledge of the hazard and had a document noting the pothole from the New York City Department of Transportation at least four months prior to the accident. We obtained $2.088 Million in damages.

$2 Million in a workplace stairway fall claim: We represented a 51-year-old press foreman at the Daily News. He slipped on wet stairs that were not marked with any kind of signage, tape or other warnings. He suffered catastrophic injuries that required a great deal of long-term care. We obtained $2 Million in damages.

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