BLS: 121 people died in workplace fires and explosions in a single year

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Even though most people feel relatively safe while at work, the truth is that countless workplace accidents occur every day — some of which caused by extreme events such as fires and explosions.

In fact, according to the most recent data made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 121 workers suffered fatal work injuries due to workplace fires and explosions in 2015 alone. Even worse, from 2011 through 2015, there have been 161 incidents of workplace fires or explosions in which multiple fatalities were recorded, with 62 such events in just 2013.

Which industries are most at risk?

While fire- and explosion-related deaths were recorded in a wide range of professions, many of these workplace fatalities occurred in only three specific industries: construction, mining and manufacturing.

In fact, according to BLS data, more than 40 percent of the deaths associated with workplace fires and explosions in 2015 occurred in these three industries alone.

For many, these numbers are not particularly surprising, especially when you consider how dangerous working in these three industries can be. After all, these workers must deal with extremely dangerous work conditions on a daily basis.

However, despite these conditions, the fact is that workplace explosions rarely occur by accident. In most cases, they are simply the result of someone’s negligence — meaning they could have been prevented had this individual been paying attention and performed their job correctly.

Fortunately, though, New York law provides various legal options for workplace explosion victims and their families.