Is your subway or rail line delayed or down for repair? Be careful if you choose to bike instead.

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With constant delays, crowded platforms and numerous service interruptions, New Yorkers who rely on commuter rail and the subway system are truly experiencing a “Summer of Hell” — a phrase first used by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to describe the problems New Yorkers are going to face when using public transportation this summer.

Specifically, the “Summer of Hell” runs from July 10 to September 1, and coincides with emergency repairs to Penn Station, a major transportation hub for hundreds of thousands of New York commuters.

But whether you take one of the rail lines that use Penn Station — including Amtrak, New Jersey Transit and the LIRR — or ride the subway, you will likely witness your fair share of public transit nightmares as you try to get around the city the summer. In fact, commuters have already taken to social media to express their extreme “dissatisfaction,” to put it mildly.

Many commuters have even said they may start having to use other modes of transportation, including cabs, ubers and bikes. However, if you are one of these frustrated commuters, we urge you to be careful if you decide to use your bike as a way to avoid your public transportation woes.

Simply put, New York City roads are going to extra busy this summer as many commuters are going to be forced to use the roads instead of the rails – meaning cyclists need to be particularly vigilant when sharing the roads with these other motorists. Just make sure to always wear your helmet and keep an eye out for motorists who fail to respect the rights of cyclists — and have a safe trip.