Are Bicyclists Safe On NYC Streets?

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Commuting in NYC is a headache for most. But, for cyclists, it is more than just an inconvenience. While biking can be eco-friendly and time-saving, it does not come without its risks. Every year, bicyclists are subjected to the city’s treacherous and arguably far from bike-friendly streets. Since January 2019, 15 bicyclists have been killed in NYC crashes, double the death toll seen in 2018.

What is causing bike accidents and how do lawmakers plan to protect those on the road?

Getting To The Root Of Bike Accidents

With three cyclists killed in just one week, it is critical to identify why bike accidents are occurring and what can be done to protect our two-wheeled commuters. Drivers failing to yield is just one of many causes of bike accidents. In some cases, neither bicyclists nor drivers understand who has the right away. Another cause for concern is car doors. Cyclists are often struck when drivers abruptly open their doors resulting in serious injury or even death.

Mayor Blasio Thinks Ahead With “Vision Zero” Initiative

Earlier this year, Mayor Blasio took action in attempt to curb traffic deaths through his “vision zero” initiative. The initiative calls for greater enforcement on speeding ticketing those who fail to yield. After the recent crashes, the mayor reaffirmed his commitment to following through on his plans. However, some New Yorkers do not believe the mayor has lived up to his promise. Just this year, traffic deaths have increased over a third. The question then remains — will the increased fatalities change how the initiative is being carried out?

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