1 electrocuted, 3 injured in New Jersey construction accident

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Construction Accidents |

Recently, a worker with Little Falls-based Carework Construction LLC was electrocuted while he and other workers attempted to set up a scaffolding pole. One man was on a roof holding the pole secured by a rope while two workers on the ground tried to guide it into place.

Tragically, the pole touched a high-voltage wire and fatally electrocuted one of the men on the ground. Three other ground workers were injured, one critically.

Carework Construction LLC is a siding company which was a subcontractor on a set of townhouses being built in Woodbridge, New Jersey. It has not responded for requests for comment by NJ.com.

According to OSHA, however, the company was cited for two serious workplace safety violations in 2017. Those involved issues with ladders and failure to provide appropriate fall protection equipment. It was cited for more than $4,500.

OSHA told reporters that it has begun an investigation into the events, which took place on Oct. 11.

Although there is nothing obvious connecting this incident to the previous workplace safety citations, it is possible that this company has a poor safety culture or that the employer did not provide appropriate personal protection gear in this incident. OSHA will determine if there is an ongoing problem at Carework Construction.

Whenever there is a serious or fatal accident on a construction site, it’s crucial to find out exactly what happened and why. While the workers already qualify for workers’ compensation and associated death benefits, there could be additional claims available to them and their survivors, depending on the cause of the incident.

If you become injured in a construction accident, you should consider working with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if anyone besides your employer or co-workers were at fault. If so, this could allow you to file an additional claim for compensation.