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David Pollack



  • Of Counsel



David Pollack has been practicing law in New York for more than 35 years. A native of New York City, he was born in the Bronx and grew up in Queens. He began working almost exclusively on medical malpractice litigation at a major law firm while he was still in law school and has continued to concentrate on medical malpractice litigation ever since.

Throughout his career, Mr. Pollack has been known as a sharp and tenacious litigator. He has an impeccable reputation for the quality of his work and his commitment to obtaining the best possible outcome for every client he serves, and has served as trial counsel to many of the New York area's top firms.

During that time, Mr. Pollack has secured numerous verdicts and settlements, including several in the seven- and eight-figure range. Two of those verdicts were included in the New York Jury Reporter's Top 100 Verdicts of the Year in the medical malpractice category in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Since becoming of Counsel to Edelman & Edelman, P.C., Mr. Pollack has been involved in complex birth injury cases. In one recent case, he secured $7 million in damages for a child with cerebral palsy that arose from the mismanagement of a complicated pregnancy, before the child had reached four years of age.

Areas of Practice

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Car Accident
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bike Accidents
  • Brain Injury
  • Birth Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability
  • Animal Bites
  • Slip and Fall Accident
  • Dangerous Products
  • Workers' Compensation

Bar Admissions

  • New York
Celebrating Over60Years Of Service

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Go All In:With every case we accept, we put all of the firm’s resources behind our pursuit of a positive outcome. We are not afraid to spend whatever amount is necessary to present a winning case on your behalf.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Hire The Best Experts:We do our homework and find the experts who are doing the most cutting-edge research on your type of injury. We regularly work with medical experts, scientists, people from academia and others.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


We Know Our Opposition: In our nearly 60 years in business, we have seen all the tactics opposing attorneys uses. We use proven strategies to match them and act swiftly to overcome any attempt to limit your compensation.