How can money help you after a spinal cord injury?

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Catastrophic accidents that cause damage to your spinal cord can change your life forever. A spinal cord injury can result in muscle weakness, breathing problems and paralysis. Tragically, damage to the spinal cord is irreversible, so injured people often must make considerable adjustments to their lives.

The hard truth is that money can play a significant role in what your life looks like after this type of injury.

Covering medical bills

Regardless of how severe your spinal cord injury is, there is likely going to be a considerable amount of medical care you require. This care can involve:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Extended hospital stays
  • Medical supportive care
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices

Even if you have insurance, the cost of covering this care can be extraordinary. A personal injury claim against the negligent party can often get these expenses covered.

Alleviating stress on your loved ones

A spinal cord injury can mean you cannot work and must rely on loved ones for things like transportation, grooming and administration of medication. A partner or other relative may be willing and able to complete these tasks, but over time, serving as a caretaker can take its toll on a person.

Thus, if you have the means to retain a nurse or care assistant, doing so can make life easier on your loved ones.

Again, family members may be happy to take care of you after a spinal cord injury. However, having support from others can be immensely valuable.

Improving your quality of life

Someone with a spinal cord injury may be unable to participate in activities they enjoyed before an accident. Things like exercising, traveling, making crafts and playing sports can be all but impossible to do in the same way after a spinal cord injury.

However, there are numerous technologies and devices that can allow you to do these things, such as modified equipment, prosthetics and assistive technology.

These tools can dramatically improve your quality of life, but they can be expensive.

Money cannot undo a catastrophic accident or truly compensate injured parties for their losses. However, financial damages from a legal claim can make it possible for you to afford the care you need to live the life you deserve. Speak with an attorney if you have questions about your options after a serious injury.