Bicyclists pay the price in crashes with cars

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

New York streets are notorious for the amount of traffic they carry. Cars, buses, bicyclists and pedestrians share the roads all over the city, and in some places, these road users are at a higher risk of colliding with each other.

Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn is one such location. And a recent accident highlights just how dangerous it can be when bicyclists and a motor vehicle crash.

Confusion and collisions

Driving or biking when you are lost or confused is certainly not illegal. However, uncertainty can make a person a liability, especially when other road users are aggressive or overconfident.

In places like Grand Army Plaza, there are crosswalks, lanes of traffic and bike lanes, making for a confusing scene. It is not always possible to anticipate the actions of others, and slipping out of your lane can be a small but deadly error.

People can become overwhelmed or make mistakes that put the safety of themselves and others at risk.

Further, distraction can be a side effect of confusion. When someone is focusing on sightseeing, looking at a GPS, or unsure where they need to go, they can hit people or property and cause serious injuries.

Bicyclists versus cars

Whether confusion or distraction was involved in the recent accident remains to be seen. However, what is known is that the bicyclist was in critical condition after the car hit them near Grand Army Plaza.

This is not unusual, as bicyclists have very little protection in a crash. Often, cyclists can suffer brain trauma, spinal cord injuries and broken bones, even when the other person has few or no injuries.

Considering the extent of damage done in these collisions, it can be crucial for victims and their families to seek financial remedies to make a recovery easier. 

Preparation can be the key to prevention

Whether you are a motorist, pedestrian or bicyclist in New York City, you can avoid crashes by taking precautions before getting on the road. Review your route before you head out; pull over to deal with phone calls or other distractions; call a rideshare service if you would rather see the sights on your trip.

These preparatory measures can help people stay safer on New York City roads and prevent crashes.