Chain reaction can trigger extensive damages

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Collisions happen every day in New York City. Some are caused by negligence; others by reckless and intentionally dangerous parties. And these accidents can trigger a chain reaction with devastating consequences for people who had nothing to do with the original incident.

When this happens, it can be especially complicated for a person to know who caused a crash and who may be responsible for paying damages.

Recreating an accident

Chain-reaction collisions are not uncommon, especially in areas like New York City. The streets are full of cars and bicyclists; pedestrians crowd the sidewalks; we have one of the world’s most robust mass transportation systems. Thus, when something goes awry on our roadways, it can easily affect numerous others.

In situations where an initial crash causes subsequent collisions, it can be necessary for injured parties and their attorneys to work with reconstructionists, police and other parties to recreate the accident. 

Using witness statements, surveillance video and evidence collected from the crash scene, it is possible to put all the pieces together to get a complete picture.

These measures were used recently after a multi-car crash resulted in more than a dozen injured parties.

Authorities determined that the crash started when one driver crashed into a second car. The second car collided with a bus, which then struck a subway support beam. In all 13 people got hurt; thankfully, no one died.

Assessing the damages in the aftermath

Even after determining what happened to cause an accident, challenges remain for injured parties and their families. They must assess the full extent of damage, including:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing rehabilitative services
  • Lost wages and forfeited earnings
  • Cost of buying or using alternative modes of transportation
  • Emotional distress

When several parties are involved in a car, bus or mass transit accident, these damages can be extensive. And there may be more than one person responsible for them, which is why a thorough investigation to determine liability is necessary after a complicated crash involving multiple people and serious injuries.