How can scaffolding lead to serious head or spine injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Construction Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injury |

Climbing up on scaffolding and walking around on platforms high above the ground can put you at risk for a fall or injury caused by falling objects.

When you suffer from increased pain after an accident at work, you may not know how serious this problem is at first. What may have seemed like a minor injury at the time could later turn out to be a serious brain injury. Learning more about how these accidents happen can help you decide what steps to take next.

Lack of oversight during construction

According to the United States Department of Labor, a competent person should check your scaffold before use, or else it may collapse if you walk on it. Every NYC construction structure needs to meet the guidelines set out by OSHA, which includes how to attach the frames and ropes so that they do not fall apart.

If it is not tested and checked before use, you could fall from several feet above the ground in a scaffolding collapse. Hitting your head or falling flat on your back could lead to lasting injuries.

Coworkers putting you in danger

When a negligent coworker forgets to put their tools back in the proper place, these items could fall from above and strike your head. The heaviness of the tools could also cause you to fall over a railing or onto the ground.

If your coworkers do not have the necessary training for scaffolding work, they may trip you or hit you by accident.

Poor materials

Using weak pieces of wood while building a platform or rusty screws to assemble the scaffold can put workers at risk for a spine or back injury if it collapses.

Understanding why scaffolding is dangerous is important for anyone suffering from workplace construction injuries. Knowing who is liable could help you recover compensation for medical treatment and occupational therapy to help you get back on your feet and working.