Back injuries in construction, by the numbers

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Years of working in construction or an accident at a job site can potentially harm any part of your body. But the back is the single most vulnerable part of the body for most construction workers. According to CPWR, of the nearly 75,000 construction-related injuries reported in 2010 that forced the victim to take time off work, 16.4 percent involved the back.

This probably comes as no surprise to any New York construction worker. The job involves frequent lifting, carrying and bending. Over time, it is easy to develop chronic back pain and other problems. Then there are catastrophic injuries from sudden accidents. No wonder back injuries are so common. Besides the thousands of reports of serious back injuries, a third of construction workers in the 2010 survey said they had suffered back pain at least once in the previous three months. Middle-aged workers aged 35-54 are particularly vulnerable.

Back injuries tend to take a long time to recover from. And despite the best treatment that modern medicine can provide, some workers never fully recover. If they ever get better enough to go back to work, they could be limited in what they can do.

Finding compensation for your back injury

Most people cannot afford to be laid up with a back injury for months. Fortunately, you may not have to go without financial support after a work-related injury. You might have legal options for complete recovery for your lost wages, medical bills and other costs. Workers’ compensation and personal injury claims may both be options in your case. But you won’t know for sure until you consult with an attorney who represents victims of construction injuries.