We Will Fight For You If You Were Wrongfully Imprisoned For A Crime You Did Not Commit

There have been numerous documented cases where people who were convicted of a crime and sent to prison were later found to be completely innocent. In a disturbing number of these cases, it has been found that deliberate government misconduct played a direct role in how the conviction was obtained. If you are incarcerated for a crime you did not commit, you may have grounds to seek compensation from the government.

No government — especially the authorities in New York City — likes to admit that it's done anything wrong, and its legal counsel will do whatever is possible to avoid any implication of impropriety. When the government is prepared to use every resource at its disposal in its own defense, it is important that you have legal representation sufficient to match them. At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., our New York personal injury lawyers represent people in cases involving wrongful convictions.

Our attorneys represented Jonathan Fleming, who spent 24 years in prison for a 1989 murder he did not commit. We helped him secure a $6.25 million settlement after it was discovered that the prosecution withheld evidence that would have proven his innocence.

Assembling The Right Team In Pursuit Of The Justice You Deserve

While there are many reasons why an individual may be wrongfully convicted, our wrongful conviction and imprisonment practice focuses exclusively on cases where the imprisoned person is the victim of misconduct on the part of law enforcement, the prosecutor's office or some other government official. We have a great deal of experience with cases involving false charges, wrongful imprisonment and wrongful conviction, and we are highly skilled at obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients.

We assemble a quality team, including exceptional investigators, who will fight to prove you did not commit the crime. If your conviction is overturned, our attorneys will take the lead in seeking maximum compensation for the time you were incarcerated and the harm you suffered as a result. We will file the notice of claim with the appropriate office and diligently pursue the best available outcome on your behalf.

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