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NYC Taxi Accident Attorney

Increase Your Chance At Complete Compensation For A Taxi Accident Injury

At their best, taxi accidents create a minor inconvenience for our day. At their worst, especially in the case of injuries, these accidents have the potential to create rifts in all walks of life. If your cab accident results in serious injuries, your chance at claiming due compensation increases tenfold with the help of an experienced attorney.

Edelman & Edelman, P.C. has a team of lawyers with extensive backgrounds across numerous injury case types. We understand the often-intimidating process of pursuing damage recovery from insurance providers. Our taxi accident attorneys, in New York City, are well-prepared to help while you focus on physical and mental recovery in the aftermath of your accident.

Who Do I Sue For Injuries In A Taxi Accident?

If you are denied compensation through the right insurance channels or compensation does not fully cover your needs, you may pursue the at-fault party with a lawsuit. If the at-fault party is the taxi driver, you would sue the taxi cab company. If the at-fault party of your accident is another driver, then you would sue them. Proving fault may be difficult, however. With decades of accident injury experience, we know what details make a difference.

Policy Limits May Not Fully Cover You

In the five boroughs of New York City, riders are covered for $100,000, and accidents in general are good for $300,000. Startingly, in other nearby areas like Long Island and Westchester, policy limits are upwards of $1.25 million per accident. Your injury sustained in New York City may be worth much more than the $100,000 policy. We can help get you more.

What To Do After A New York City Taxi Accident

Regardless of whether you are a passenger in the taxi, a pedestrian on foot, bicycle rider or occupying another vehicle at the time of the accident, how you should respond will likely be the same:

  • Try to ensure you are in a safe location.
  • Call emergency professionals and listen to their counsel.
  • Collect all potentially vital information – such as names, insurance policy information and license plates.
  • Contact an attorney.

Even in a case where the injury may appear straightforward and insurance providers give little pushback on your claim, bringing in a lawyer will likely lead to more complete damage recovery.

Start Your Case Now For Your Best Chance At Recovery

Our New York City taxi accident lawyers offer free initial consultations. You have nothing to lose by reaching out with an inquiry. Connect with our office by calling 212-235-1197 or using our online form.

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We Go All In:With every case we accept, we put all of the firm’s resources behind our pursuit of a positive outcome. We are not afraid to spend whatever amount is necessary to present a winning case on your behalf.

3 Reasons To Hire Us


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3 Reasons To Hire Us


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