New York Burn Injury Lawyers Helping Burn Injury Victims Reclaim Their Lives

Burn injury victims endure some of the most excruciating and painful injuries. Not only must they deal with possible disfigurement and scarring, but, in many cases, years of expensive medical treatment. And, while the physical scarring can be severe, many burn injury survivors must also contend with unimaginable emotional scarring.

At Edelman & Edelman, P.C., our New York burn injury lawyers understand just how overwhelming a serious burn-related injury can be, both physically and emotionally. However, you don't have to deal with this struggle alone — let our experienced, compassionate lawyers help you secure the recovery you may be entitled to.

Even if everyone else has told you that you don't have a claim, we may still be able to help. Simply put, once we take on your case, we will fight for you until you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Experience That Matters — Results That Speak For Themselves
Not only does our founding attorney, Martin Edelman, have nearly 40 years of experience dealing with complex personal injury cases, but we have long history of obtaining multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. In fact, as one of the pioneer law firms in this area, our burn injury lawyers are responsible for some of the largest recoveries for burn victims in New York history. Our experience and success have helped make us the premier personal injury firm in New York City.

No Matter The Cause Of Your Burn Injury, We Can Help

Whether your burn injury was caused by a defective/unsafe product, a work-related explosion/accident, a home fire or any other tragic event, our lawyers can handle your case. Indeed, our New York burn injury lawyers have the experience to deal with virtually any burn-related injury claim, including those associated with:

  • Auto collisions
  • Construction-related explosions/fires
  • Faulty wiring and electrical fires/explosions
  • Propane tank explosions
  • Defective products (product liability cases), including those involving faulty smoke detectors and kitchen appliances

Talk To One Of The Lawyers And Learn How We Can Help You

Please contact our office to discuss the circumstances of your burn accident with one of our New York burn injury attorneys. We offer free, no-obligation initial consultations. So, call us today and get the legal answers you need. You can reach us online, or call us at 212-235-1197 to schedule your consultation.

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