Even Union Workers Are Sometimes Injured In Construction Accidents

Despite the fact that union construction workers often have more training and experience than other construction workers, they are not immune to injuries in the workplace. After all, they still have to deal with dangerous situations on a daily basis, regardless of the fact that they are union members.

For instance, when construction workers fall while working on ladders or high atop scaffolding, gravity certainly doesn't care if they are union workers or not — meaning they will suffer injuries just like everyone else. Fortunately, however, union construction workers — like all other construction workers — may have various legal options at their disposal should they ever be injured at work.

If you are an injured union construction worker in New York, and you would like to learn what legal options are available following a work-related injury, contact Edelman & Edelman, P.C., at 212-235-1197. You can also reach us online. Union contracts can sometimes complicate legal matters, so you most definitely want one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys by your side.

There Is No Substitute For Experience — And Our Results Prove It
Attorney Martin Edelman, with his nearly 40-year legal career, is regarded as one of the preeminent construction accident lawyers in New York. Mr. Edelman and his team of experienced lawyers have successfully obtained many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients over the years, including a $5 million recovery for a union bridge painter who suffered a fatal fall because he was not provided with proper safety equipment.

We Will Do Everything Possible To Maximize Your Compensation

No matter whether you are a union construction worker or not, our goal is the same: We want to maximize your recovery. In order to accomplish this, we will explore and review every legal option available.

For instance, while some firms focus solely on workers' compensation, we are always looking for possible third-party claims, including claims related to New York's Scaffolding Law. In many cases, these third-party claims provide significantly larger recoveries than workers' comp — although if you want to seek both a third-party claim and workers' comp, the two cases need to be coordinated, which we can also help with.

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